If your questions aren’t answered here, please contact us at Creative Science and Research. We’re happy to help!

Answer:  Yes, CD / DVD and shipping cost is $19.95. If you buy the CD 1 GOLD Package Shipping is free.
Plans are also sent to your e-mail address and can be downloaded as well.

Answer:  Sorry, we only sell books and plans by digital download and by computer CD in .pdf format. Plans can be viewed
on your computer then printed out on paper.  If you do not have a computer you can use the computers
at your local library, or purchase the plans on CD and have your local office copy shop print them for you.
in our local area we have Office supply companies, such as Office Depot or Staples.

Answer:  Yes we do. “Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back ” The devices in the plans we sell have been tested and work very well.

For example:
The Fuelless Engine Model 2 is guaranteed in that, most people with a good knowledge of common garage tools and who know how to
use garage tools and a drill press, can stop the house meter just the same as we did. If you do run into any problems in building them we are here for you.
If we are not to busy at the time – we will try and answer your questions as quick as we can. Our plans and kits are sold to backyard
researchers only and are for research purposes only.
We are not allowed to sell fully assembled free energy motors to the open public.

So you have to build one for yourself. We done most of the hard work for you. If you do not know what a wrench or screw driver is, please
do not buy our plans, we do not offer a satisfaction guarantee.

We do offer free basic technical support by e-mail only. 20 to 30 days after purchase.
Phone support is only for orders and customer support only, not intended for technical support.
Thank you
Rick Gibson

Answer: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal. You can order online or by phone.
You can also pay by personal check ( if here in the USA ). Bank wire transfer or Paypal money transfer.

If by Check – Make payable to:
Creative Science & Research

Send to:
PO BOX 557
New Albany, IN. 47151-0557

Answer: The only kit we sell right now is for the Fuelless Engine Model 2, also known as the SP500 AC Generator Kit.
These kits are for backyard researchers only. To duplicate the same experiment that we did on
our Youtube video – where our motor ran itself – stopping the house meter dead in it’s tracks. If you would
like to inquire about a kit, Please contact Rick Gibson.

We are working on building a larger model that can be used as a large industrial battery charger for UPS
energy systems for hospitals and business use only. Keep watching our website more more details in the future.

ThomasTheSailor Chubby  From YouTube.com Wrote:  Sometimes, very subtle building dimensions can affect the performance significantly. Commutator timing is a delicate thing. If the builder was slightly off on the timing, it could make a huge difference. If you segment the commutator into a pulse, performance goes way up. JNL labs did a replication of the Newman motor. Redirecting the back emf is the key. I built a small one for testing. It’s all in the timing and wiring. Play with it. You’ll get it working great!

Creative Science Wrote: Many of our customers have had no trouble at all building our free energy motor / generator and stopping the house meter.  And if they do – we are here to help them get the job done. You do not have to be an engineer or a machinist to build our motor. As long as you are good with common garage tools you should have no trouble building it.  If you do not want to try and build it yourself, then we can build it for you.  Call Rick Gibson at: 1-812-945-5839 for more information.   Satisfied Customers

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