SP500 AC Generator Kit

SP500 AC Generator Basic Kit = 4.5kw x 240 VAC or 120 VAC – 12 VDC Charger – about 85% complete
Also known as the Fuelless Engine Model 2

120 VAC or 240 VAC. Or as a 12 V DC battery charger with a 5 KW inverter.

To Purchase Contact: Rick Gibson
Payment can be made by bank wire transfer or by personal check if on a USA Bank.
Can ship out as quick as 45 – 59 working days

812-945-5839 or by e-mail

Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together.
Easy to assemble! Or we can assemble the kit for you. Ask about our GOLD Kit – about 97% complete.

SKU: 362-RCm2_KIT


For more information on SP500 AC GENERATOR KITS!  Contact: Rick Gibson at: 1-812-945-5839
or by e-mail at: Support@Fuelless.com. Update Jan 2018 Our Kits are now rated at 5kw to 10kw potential energy x 240VAC. Can also run at 220VAC or 120VAC.  Generator can produce AC or DC!  The average home does not use 5kw to 10kw every second of the day, so that leaves us with a potential energy of 5kw for our basic Gold kit and 10kw for our double wattage gold kits to charge a 12 volt DC battery bank with a 5kw or two 5kw inverter’s to power a home. Again please notice we do not sell our kits for that reason, only as backyard research kits. But you the buyer can do anything you like with the kit, just as long as it is for your own personal home use. You can not manufacture or sell them.

Payment on kits can be made by personal check if you live here in the USA or by bank wire transfer. If outside the USA payment can be made by Bank Wire Money Transfer Only!

Kits are sold to backyard researchers only as research kits. To duplicate the same experiment that we did in our Youtube video where we stopped the house meter dead in it’s tracks! Proving that our M2 motor is indeed a free energy motor and can run itself. It can also be used as an AC generator at the same time the motor is running or separately. Contact us if you are interested.  Direct connection of our SP500 AC Generator to a breaker box – main grid system is about 2,880 watts, but would have to be run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Much better to use our Generator head as a battery charger for a 5kw or 10kw inverter system.


We also offer the air coils which can be purchased at any quantity. ( kit includes qty 8 air coils )  Cost is $140.00 US Dollars each – Free Shipping.  We make these specially designed coils by hand, so please allow about 30 to 40 working days for delivery. 

Click Here to purchase:  Buy Now Air Coil -Creative Science 17awg 1.40 lbs - Copy

Please notice: For legal and political reasons – we do not sell these kits as a source of energy to generate electricity for your home. That is up to you the backyard researcher what you want to try and do with our invention. But we do have customers that have purchased the kits just for that reason alone. Our motor can be used as a powerful AC or DC generator! You build and use at your own risk. You can not manufacture or sell our kits or plans – Our kits and plans are for your own personal use only. Our kits and plans are for your own personal use only and for your own research purposes. We do not give refunds on plans and or kits. You should not have the need to do that since we are here to help you with technical support.  Basic technical support is free for the first 3 months.

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    This is a basic kit and is awesome! Works very well and is for backyard researchers wanting to duplicate the same test as seen on Youtube video –
    ” Stopping the House Meter Test “. Many have already purchased this kit and have successfully stopped and reversed the house meter!
    And you can to! You can then go on and use this for your own personal use- for anything you would like to try and use it for. Running your home, car or farm equipment.

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