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Air coils are included in the kit ( dry type ) or can be purchased separately as well  – see below…



For more information on SP500 AC GENERATOR KITS!  Contact: Rick Gibson at: 1-812-945-5839
or by e-mail at:

Payment on kits can be made by personal check if you live here in the USA or by bank wire transfer. If outside the USA payment can be made by Bank Wire Money Transfer Only!

Kits are sold to backyard researchers only as research kits. To duplicate the same experiment that we did in our Youtube video where we stopped the house meter dead in it’s tracks! Proving that our M2 motor is indeed a free energy motor and can run itself. It can also be used as an AC generator at the same time the motor is running or separately.

Please notice: We do not sell them as a source of energy to generate electricity for your home. That is up to you the backyard researcher what you want to try and do with our invention.Our motor can be used as a powerful AC or DC generator! You build and use at your own risk. You can not manufacture or sell our kits or plans – Our kits and plans are for your own personal use only.

We also offer the air coils which can be purchased at any quantity. ( kit includes qty 8 air coils )  Cost is $140.00 US Dollars each.  We make these specially designed coils by hand, so please allow 30 working days or less for delivery.  You can pay by Paypal Express or by credit card.  This payment method is for air coils only. You can buy as many air coils as you like.  Shipping cost will be calculated after shipping address is received, and can be paid by phone, personal check by mail or by We will contact you after we receive your order.

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Air Coil -Creative Science 17awg 1.40 lbs - Copy

NEW! Aluminum Buss Bar Commutator

Only $321.00  USD  Plus $19.95 Shipping Cost
Aluminum Buss Bar Commutator: Specially designed and timed for our Fuelless Engine Model 2 – SP500 AC Generator. Great for many free energy projects!

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