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You Can Now Download Our Free Energy Catalog From Here!

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 Download our .PDF (Adobe Reader) Catalog to a file on your computer, then view and or print out.

For Microsoft  Internet Explorer Users Use "Save Target As" .             Mozilla Firefox Users use " Save Link


" Save Target As..."

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and then select " Save Target As..."  from your drop down menu,
then follow the down load instructions. Make a folder called downloads
in your c: drive root directory.

Once you finish downloading, find the file and double click on it, the
Adobe Acrobat Reader will start up automatically on your home
computer and you can then print  out your plans.

Download time is about 2 to 7 minutes

* You may be able to simply double click on our Click Here button and
Adobe Acrobat Reader program may start up with your plans in it. right
onto your internet browser, 

Once you have finished down loading, then go to the .PDF Catalog file you just down loaded onto your
computer and then double click on that file for Example:
The Acrobat Reader program should automatically open the file.

Again if you have any problems please contact us.

-------------------------------Having trouble?------------------------------

# 1 Problem:   Did you
right click your mouse when asked?


# 2 Problem

* If the link to your plans is not in a light blue color, then clicking on it will not  work. The link is probably in black. what you need to do is to place your mouse in front of link,  left  click your mouse (hold it down ) and while continuing to press your left mouse  button, drag the mouse ( or Curser ) over the entire link, the link will turn into a small, long black high lighted box , you can then release the  left mouse button and go up to "edit "on your menu bar,  edit  menu drops  down,  then select copy, copy will make an exact copy  in the computers memory bank. Now go to your  internet browser, clear your address bar  and place the mouse curser  in it by clicking one time. then go back up to the top to "edit" click once on past, this will past the link to your plans in your address bar, you can then hit go or enter and the link will take you to our web site and the plans page which you have bought.  If you purchased more than one plan then repeat these steps again.

* Did you RIGHT click your mouse when the instructions asked you to?
This is very important, you must right click your mouse just as the instructions say. some people get in a hurry and miss that. Read the instructions we sent you very carefully. most of our customer do not have any problems downloading our plans.

Follow all instructions, All plans are in .PDF file format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat program to view them and to print them out. Once you are done downloading, return to your e-mail program and repeat the process for your next set of plans if you have purchased any additional plans. Each set of plans will have a personal security code just for you. We hope you enjoy our plans, if you have any problems please e-mail us, we will get back to you within 8 to 24 hrs.

f you do not have The Adobe Acrobat Reader program, you can down load it for FREE at:


Or simply go to a search engine and type in: Acrobat reader and search....  



Free energy for the next 1000 years


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