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We have also been researching alternative health methods for many years!
We have found out what works and what does not work!  We are not saying give up on your doctor.

We are just saying that your doctor may not always right!
This is a great title for our book we want to work on and release.

1. Colloidal silver works!
But don't abuse it. Store bought or homemade White cloudy type. Great for
killing virus's and bacteria as well as fungus! White cloudy type seems to only help kill bacteria. Try
Silver Biotics by American Biotech Labs to kill virus's and many other pests!


. Bacteria
Bacteria constitute a large domain or kingdom of prokaryotic microorganisms. Typically a few
micrometers in length, bacteria have a wide range of shapes, ranging from spheres to rods and spirals.
Scientific name: Bacteria


2. Garlic works very well!
Great for killing bacteria as well as fungus!

3. Olive leaf extract - pills and nose spray
Great for killing virus's and bacteria as well as fungus!

4. Vitamin C

5.  Fish Oil

6. Flaxseed Oil

7. Vitamin E - D-Alpha

8. B - 12 liquid type

9. Calcium and Magnesium pills

10.  Bob Beck magnetic pulser
Be careful when using this! But Works very well.
Magnetic Pulser MP5 by SOTA Instruments - The Magnetic Pulser MP5 is a magnetic products that can be used for greater health.

11. Asthma the cure!?  Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Sip 1 /2 glass  of water before bedtime!
Take vitamin C and 1 to 2 olive leave pills before bedtime. WORKS WELL! And rid your home of
anything that maybe causing allergies or sinus infections. Rid your home of fungus.
Rid your body of fungus! Many sinusitis infections are caused by fungus! Eat plenty of greens
that God made! Stop eating cereals, breads ( flat breads are OK if whole grain ).
Fungus love sugar! And sugar causes many, many health problems!

We believe that fungus in the body causes cancer as well!

Exercise everyday no less than 20 minutes per day! Best to walk
2 to 3 miles per day!


Always check with your doctor before doing anything!
More information will be available in our book when it is ready for release!


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