AMBRI BATTERIES – MIT Professor Donald Sadoway

Fact! No home owner is going to use 10KW of energy every second of the day!
So would it not be wiser to store that energy for later use,
rather than running a generator all day and all night long during low peak hours? Yes!

The future of electrical energy to run homes, businesses and industries is now here!

Amber liquid metal battery cell 135 watt hours to one mega watt


By using a free energy generator and storing that energy into high efficiency DC batteries that are safe and economical to use. The user can save money, save on wasted energy, save on wear and tear of the generator – by only using the generator as a battery charger 2 to 3 hours per day!

Now because of a new battery storage system created by professor Don Sadoway – replacing a large grid system is now possible!

A home owner could still use AMG 12VDC batteries or lead acid batteries as well. But the Liquid Metal Battery will be the battery choice of the future! Any type of 12VDC to 48VDC battery system
can be made to provide electrical energy for a home. Now by connecting an inverter to step up the voltage to 120VAC to 240VAC it is now possible for a home owner to run many of there home
electrical needs. The technology can pay for itself!

The Fuelless Engine / SP500 Generator Technology!

The only battery charger in the world that can stop a house meter dead in it’s tracks while charging a 12VDC battery!

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