White free energy motor, the Fuelless Engine model 2 SP500 generator sitting on table
See our demonstration video below

Notice: Power Output does not have to go through an inverter, it can go directly to the breaker box or transfer switch at 120 VAC or 220 VAC.
Since 1992 we have been researching different ways to produce electricity for home’s and to be affordable for the average home owner. We are very excited about our most recent invention!
The Fuelless Engine Model 2 is a free energy motor as well as a AC or DC generator. The generator is rated at about 4,500 watts  x 220 volts DC. The generator can also output 120 VAC or 220 VAC at 50 Hz to 60 Hz.
Motor can also be used as a powerful DC generator charging system for UPS energy storage devices.
Power a home or business – continuously or as an emergency backup system.

Option 1: Inverter Method – Easy to install. Use our free energy motor as a DC generator to charge 12 VDC batteries. A 5000 watt inverter is then connected to the batteries ( comes with instructions ) and the voltage is raised to 110 Volts or 120 VAC. The Inverter is then connected to a common manual transfer switch – which you can buy online at Homedepot.com or any other online company that sells backup generator supplies. The transfer switch is then connected to the homes breaker box, easy to install instructions are supplied. Wires are color coded for easy installation. Can run lights, computers, printers, TV sets. window air conditioners, heating units, power tools and more.
Option 2: Direct Method – You can use our generator as a direct connection to the transfer switch or breaker box. Also known as our new! SP500 AC Generator. Can run lights, computers, printers, TV sets. window air conditioners, heating units, power tools and more.

We are now offering plans and kits to any and all backyard researchers, wanting to duplicate the experiment and test that you see in the video below
Stopping A House Meter Test ” 

This motor / generator can stop a house meter as well as reverse it!  As a motor you can have up to 16 potential horsepower! In fact we can scale up our invention to any size horsepower that is needed!

  SP500 AC Generator Kits  –  Contact Rick Gibson Sales Dept.

Fuelless Engine Model 2 Plans Step by Step Plans – …only $175.00 USD      
Also known as the New! SP500 AC Generator Model 2 – Aether energy motor!

Video of our lab test. Testing the free energy motor as a generator.

Update: Video correction, not rated at 6,000 watts but 5kw potential watts.
Video was made many years ago, I think it was about 12 years ago – Rick Gibson
As a generator head and used as a generator it is rated at about 5kw watts x 240 VAC potential energy, as a battery charging system.
And connected to a 5kw inverter to provide power for a home. If used as a direct AC generator direct from the (8) Air coils or generator
coils, it is then rated at about 2,200 watts to 2,800 x 240VAC. There are hundreds of ways of using this technology as a motor / generator,
or as a generator head by itself, or as a motor using the shaft torque to power and turn other things such as pumps, generator heads, fans

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