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Nikola Tesla



  Alternative First Aid For A Brown Recluse Spider Bit!

Use gloves and a plastic zip lock bag to capture the spider. Then place the plastic bag with the
spider in a window in your home. Use the sunlight to help you see him better. Use a
pocket  magnifier which you can get a online at any Radio shack store or other, and carefully
look on the back of the spider or on it's head, there will be an upside down violin shape -
but with no tuning pegs. See above photo.


  If you get bit by a brown Recluse Spider here are some tips on what you can do. I know a of a women that woke up one morning with a very strang bit on her leg. It then began to discolor her skin,. It began showing dark marks all around the bit. She then knew that this was no ordinary bit. She began taking garlic pills as many as she could handle, applying Neosporin antibiotic ointment to the bit area every half hour or so. She then began also taking by mouth Ionic / colloidal silver- This stuff can kill over 800 germs! It can also killl fungas that causes hair loss! Yes you can grow new hair and keep what you have from falling out!  You can purchase this at: 1-801-756-1000


She went to a doctor and he said what ever you are doing keep doing it. It is working!

I have also heard of people successfully using Activated Charcoal on the bit area. Mix the black activated charcoal powder with a small amount of water into a past and apply it to the bite area. If it dries up reapply again and again. I would also take the charcoal pills by mouth.



Avoiding The Brown Recluse Bite

Since these bites often occur while people are sleeping, it is not always possible to avoid them.   We recommend that bedding be fully checked before going to sleep, and that clothing be violently shaken before it is worn.  These little devils love the insides of shoes, so beat your shoes together, and inspect inside of them before wearing them.  Keep all clothing dresser drawers tightly closed.  We normally recommend against the use of chemicals (especially poisons), but it is wise to spray a long-lasting insecticide around windows and doors in the autumn. 

How Do You Know If You Have Been Bitten

Unfortunately, a Brown Recluse victim is not always aware that he has been bitten; at least not immediately, when treatments would be the most beneficial is when the bite first occures.  Sometimes the bites immediately cause extreme pain, and in other cases, there is no sensation at all.  There may be visible fang pits at the bite site, but this is not always true either.  Sometimes there is itching at the bite site, or a generalized fever.  The general rule is that there are no general rules for Brown Recluse spider bites in the early stage.  Therefore, some victims do not realize that they have been bitten for several days.

Between one and three days after being bitten, an untreated Brown Recluse spider bite is likely to form one or more blisters.  The bite site may become bluish colored at this time, and it may begin forming a crater.

Seeking Emergency Medical Care

Some people will opt to rush to the hospital when they realize that they have been bitten.  A Brown Recluse spider bite could easily be considered an emergency condition, so a hospital visit is a wise decision.  Be forewarned that there is very little that conventional medicine can do to stop the regional damage that is caused by a bite from one of these little monsters.  Doctors typically give antibiotics and antihistamines in the hope that long term damage can be somewhat minimized.  These are truly desperate measures, which yield very little success.  If you follow a doctor's prescribed after care regimen, then we recommend that you also follow our treatment recommendations, if possible.

Self Treatment - Stage 1

If you have been bitten by this spider (or any other spider), the first thing that you should do is apply activated charcoal directly to the wound.  You can buy this at any pharmacy or online at any GNC store. This is something that should always be kept in the medicine cabinet for poison emergencies. It is also great for treating food poisoning. You can find it inside capsules sold at health food stores, or you can buy it in the aquarium department of a grocery store.  Either way, the charcoal must be finely ground before it is used.  Apply a thick paste to the bite area that is made from the fine charcoal powder and water.  Tape the charcoal and water mixture to your bite, and reapply whenever it becomes dry.

We also recommend orally consuming a teaspoon of charcoal powder in water, in the manner described in the above link, in order to get a tiny amount of charcoal into the blood.  There is a chance it will help, and it will definitely reduce your overall toxic burden for about 24 hours.  Again, read the above link about proper activated charcoal usage, or proceed at your own risk.

It is best to have this made ahead of time for any poison emergency, and the sooner it is applied, the better.

Take massive amounts of echinacea supplements until the bite wound completely disappears.  Echinacea was used by the native Americans to heal snake bites, which is believed to be where the term "snake oil" originated.  Some reports indicate that echinacea is also very effective for dealing with venomous spiders.




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