The Fuelless Engine Model 2 Plans

New Technology!
Learn how to build this awesome free energy motor and generator – using our step by step plans and video!
Totally different in design than our model # 1 motor. Easier to make, more powerful and more compact in design!  Parts and kits are availableContact Rick Gibson

Plans are available in .pdf Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded.

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Free Energy Motors and Home Generator Technology!

SP500 Generator model 2 - Fuel- less engine model 2

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This Generator/ Motor can also be started by using a 12 VDC car battery as well as a 9 volt battery. More energy output than input! Inside the device we are using 16 powerful neodymium magnets as well as 8 specially designed air coils. The plans tell you where to buy all the parts and supplies. Low cost and easy to build! Or let us build it for you!Contact – Rick Gibson

Learn how to build this awesome free energy device right in the privacy of your own Backyard!  With these easy to follow plans you can successfully duplicate the same test that we did as seen on our Youtube video. We have also successfully turned the meter backwards!

Free electricity for your home, white motor / generator powering a home

Stephen William Hawking was an english theoretical physicist, and we have been told by his friend Gerald, that he has seen our Fuelless Engine Model 2 plans and is quoted as saying… ” Yes, I like this! It will work! ”  “But it should not be called Fuel-less, but sold as a free energy motor / generator device”

Dr Steven Hawkins Explains that the laws of conservation of energy are not contradicted!  ” We need to realize a very important fact about permanent magnets: Two similar poles will repel each other continuously: every second, every minute, every hour for 10 + years or more ( 20 +Yrs ). Repulsion is a force which can move a magnet for a distance ( w = f. d ) showing work is done. Energy is the ability to do work! ( so if that is so ) Then PERMANENT MAGNETS ARE A PERMANENT SOURCE OF ENERGY! This very simple fact will change completely everything in the near future. “ ( Yes! See our Fuelless Engine Model 2 plans, our design uses (16) 2″ diameter N52 perm magnets!).
two magnets opposing each other
( Steven Hawkins cont.. )  “A magnetic field is a form of energy, and the law of conservation of energy is applicable to it. No one can create or destroy a magnetic field. ( But ) If you hammer or heat a perm magnet it will lose it’s magnetic properties. But NO ONE can destroy an existent  magnetic field! Nor can anyone create a magnetic field or a magnetic material. This gift is from the Lord who created also for us the sun as a source of energy! ”
Steven hawkins part two magnet motor     Steven hawkins a magnet motor

We sell plans and kits to any and all backyard researchers wanting to duplicate the same experiments that we have done on our Youtube videos and websites.You can use our inventions for your own personal use only, you can not manufacture or sell them without our permission. You must be 18 years and older to purchase our plans or kits. Can also be used as a SP500 AC or DC Generator to power a home!

Our Fuelless Engine invention has the potential energy of about 16 hp, and can be scaled up or down to any desired size. Also known as our New and updated SP500 AC Generator! For any backyard researcher wanting to follow in our foot steps!

Kits Available Upon Request – Contact: Rick Gibson 1-812-945-5839
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