Question: Is this a Free Energy Motor & Generator?  Answer: Yes, and this video is the proof!
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This motor / generator can stop a house meter as well as reverse it!
As a motor you can have up to 16 potential horsepower!
In fact we can scale up our invention to any size horsepower that is needed!

This video was put together to show our viewers that we can indeed stop a house meter dead in it’s tracks!
No hidden wires were used in the making of this video. What you see is real! Many of our customers have
successfully done the same test as we did here, and are reversing the house meter as well!
NOTICE!  We are now selling and manufacturing the kits – Includes step by step plans and video!
We include free basic technical support by E-mail with every purchase!
Facts about our Fuelless Engine Model 2 also known as our SP500 AC Generator: Both are the same and are combined into one unit.

Our Youtube video showing the stopping of a house meter is real! What the video did not show was, when we first started the motor it used about two amps of energy for only about one second, it then dropped to about 40 milliamps, well under one amp and ran that way for about 10 to 20 minutes. After that time the motor / generator then kicked in making it’s own energy or you could say free energy – and stopped using any energy from the power source ( only using the electrical pressure ) and was then using – 0 – ZERO energy! It then began to reverse our house meter showing over unity! WOW! It was very awesome and exciting to watch and observe. We had done it! We achieved ZERO energy. Fuel-less energy!
Our basic design must have a constant back pressure of energy even though it does not use energy to run it. But it will need energy to start it.  It can be started with 120 to 240 VAC to DC house current. Or from a 12VDC battery source using a 110 to 220 VAC inverter to step up the voltage to run the motor. One could even use a small solar panel connected to a 300 watt inverter to start the motor as well. We have a customer who made a few small changes to our design and tweaked it to be started by a 12 VDC battery with small inverter, then added another disk as the generator source, looped it back to the motor to run the motor. The 12 VDC battery and inverter was no longer needed and was disconected. The motor then fully ran itself without no external power, with plenty of power left over as usable workable energy!

We now sell our Fuelless Engine Model 2 / SP500 Generator in kit form – 85% to 98% assembled.  Contact us for more details. All kits are sold in US Dollars and can be paid by personal check if your bank is here in the USA.  Payment can also be made by bank wire transfer. Shipping not included. Contact us by e-mail and give us your full name and shipping address and we can send you an invoice with the total cost. –  We only sell to backyard researchers for personal use only. Our kits and plans are for your own personal use only and for your own research purposes. We do not give refunds on plans and or kits. You should not have the need to do that since we are here to help you with technical support.  Basic technical support is free for the first 3 months.

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