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Over 21 years ago
Creative Science began researching and developing the Fuelless Engine, also known as the Static Motor / Generator or SP500 AC Generator Kit.  Founders Rick Gibson and David Waggoner grew up in the New Albany Indiana area ( USA ), and has lived there for over 50 years.

In 1995 they began advertising their new discoveries and inventions in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines as well as Popular Electronics. The response was overwhelming! The world was fascinated by their research and innovations!  They soon quit their small Screen printing and sign business – working from a small garage, and started full time in their new and updated scientific research and development business!  Selling plans and kits to many of their older devices have helped fund many of their new alternative energy innovations.

In 1995 the internet was made available to the open public, and in 1996 FuellessPower.com was born and became one of the top ten websites in the world! Rick Gibson and David Waggoner continued to further their research and resources to advance, innovate and design new energy alternative devices. To free Americans from the power, gas and oil companies at large. It is their goal and mission to make this research accessible to just about anyone at their own skill level. The company is now working on a 1 mega watt generator to replace coal burning power plants in 3rd world countries. A 1mw generator can power up to 1,000 homes in the USA, and far more in 3rd world country area’s. Over the last 21 years they have made many new and amazing discoveries that led them into designing super high efficiency motor / generator coils. These coils when used in a motor configuration stay cool to the touch – unlike conventional electric motor coils that get very hot during operation.  Heat is a great loss of energy and was always a big problem for motor designers, but David and Rick’s new discoveries have over come this problem!

The next step was to design the entire motor to be as high efficient as possible. By using very powerful N52 Neodymium Permanent Magnets as a 30 to 40 year fuel source, and placing them in a very special configuration around the motor / generator coils – A new and powerful Motor / Generator was then born! They are now using the free energy power from the magnets to turn the motor shaft to do work!  You could say the magnets are being used as fuel rods ( so to speak ).

Question: Is this a perpetual motion machine?

Answer: No. The magnets will eventually loose their power in about 30 to 40 years but can be easily replaced, and the motor / generator can then be used for another 30 to 40 years. This is one reason why the Fuelless Engine – SP500 Generator Model # 2 was designed to easily replace the magnets.  The motor must have a power source of some kind to stimulate the special coils and get the free energy reaction started and keep it up and going. The power source can be a small bank of 9 volt batteries, or a 12V DC car battery with a small inverter to step up the voltage to the proper usable levels – or one could also use house current.

The Fuelless Engine / SP500 Generator could be used as a DC 12 volt to 48 volt battery charging system for UPS energy storage devices. To power a home or business – continuously or as a emergency backup system. To replace solar cell technology as well as windmill technology.

Question: Have you had any problems with the powers to be in stopping you?

Answer:  Rick and David have been visited many times and threatened. Over the years they have found it to be much safer to just sell the plans and kits to backyard researchers. Researcher’s can easily duplicate the same experiment that they did on their Youtube.com video, David likes to call it  “Stopping the house meter test”. Once a backyard researcher has successfully done this and or turned the lab house meter backwards they can then use the device for their own personal use. They can not manufacture or sell them without the written permission of Creative Science & Research.

Our Fuelless Engine invention has the potential energy of about 16 hp, and can be scaled up or down to any desired size.


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