A true free energy generator / motor all in one! We are selling step by step plans with video!
Or we can us build it for you!  Includes FREE technical support up to 4 months.

*For political reasons our Fuelless Engine is also called and sold as The SP500 AC / DC Generator
Generator rated at about –  120 VAC  or  240 VAC x 60 HZ – About 5KW to 15KW potential energy, also seen as a 12 Volt DC free energy battery charger

This Motor / Generator Can Replace Solar Electric – Windmill Technology!
We have been successfully researching Tesla technology – and developing motor and generator technology for the last 21 years.

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Fuelless Engine / SP500 Generator Model 2 Plans Step by Step Plans…only $175.00  USD       

98% assembled kits available! Contact: Rick Gibson Phone: 1-812-945-5839

A working radiant energy – aether energy motor / generator!

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 More Information

Our motor / generator technology is the Aether Energy that Dr.Tom Bearden was talking about – using vacuum energy also known as Nikola Tesla’s Radiant Energy – known as a
free energy technology! We simply made a few changes in design making it easier to make and much easier to scale up or down. This is a true free energy magnetic motor. There are
many motors and generators out there that claim they can produce more energy than what it takes to run the motor. But in my research and studies over the last 21 years I have only
seen but a few. Our Fuelless Engine technology also known as our Fuel-less Engine model 1 and model 2 SP500 AC Generator is very unique in design. There are many design factors
in our invention to consider here, such as – The free energy generator effect, aether back EMF, free energy thermodynamics, free energy generator flywheel effect. Free energy devices!
Sold only to backyard researchers for personal use – and for research purposes only!