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Introducing Our New! 
Fuelless Engine Model 2

Generator rated at –  120 VAC  or  240 VAC x 60 HZ – 5KW  to 10KW potential energy!


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A true free energy motor and generator all in one unit!


Video shows our motor / generator running itself and stopping a house meter – Dead in it’s tracks!


Fuelless Engine Model 2Step by Step Plans & Video…only $175.00  USD 
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OR LET US BUILD IT FOR YOU!  Contact: Rick Gibson Phone: 1-812-945-5839

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* We sell plans and kits to backyard researchers only, for research purposes only, for personal use only.  You can not manufacture or sell any of our inventions without our written permission. The Fuelless Engine and the SP500 generator is for backyard researchers only, The energy output is potential energy and our Fuelless Engine can be used as an AC or DC Generator storing energy into batteries which we believe is the wave of the future!  The stored battery energy can be used with low cost inverter(s) to bring the 12VDC up to a usable 120VAC x 60 or 240VAC.  Some inverters also output 110VAC x 50hz or 60 hz which can be used as well. One could then use that energy as usable energy for AC or DC lighting, computers, printers, fans, pumps, small electric motors, power tools and much more. For political reasons it is best for us to only sell to backyard researchers that are only interested in using our motor and generator for research purposes, to duplicate the same experiment that we successfully demonstrated on our Youtube video. As seen in that video, we successfully stopped a house meter, showing that our motor can run itself.