Free Energy From The Earth Plans

Learn how to build a setup to extract powerful energy from the earth!

Plans are available in .pdf Adobe Reader format and can be downloaded or sent to you on computer CD.

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We have found that the earth is loaded with electricity! As a matter of fact we think that the earth’s core is radio active. This radioactivity generates heat and electrical currents through out the earth’s plates. Maybe that is why many animals become very disturbed and frightened before and during earth quakes. Are they sensing these electrical currents which are being generated by the high voltages from the moving plates within the earth?
These plans are loaded with information that you may not find anywhere in the world!  When you receive these plans you will be able to quickly build a homemade device or devices that will produce electricity or electrical currents that can charge batteries, capacitors or light small white LED light bulbs. It is very possible to get enough current to run a small garage or home, but, it would take a little more time to build and construct.  If you are interested in running your entire home it is cheaper, easier and faster to build our SP500 AC or DC low rpm Generator. The information in these plans are intended to educate everyone in planning for emergencies. They are great for low lighting during long blackout’s etc… You can cheaply use the earth as a generator to light your entire home with multiple super bright LED white light bulbs. These bulbs are not as bright as a 60 watt bulb, but just one bulb is bright enough to light up an entire room during emergencies. very easy to wire these bulb’s all around your house. LED bulbs can last up to 70 years and only use small milliamps of power to run. Most of these bulbs will run on 5 volts or less. To much voltage can burn them out. But the earth can be made to output a steady 5 volt DC current. You can purchase these bulbs anywhere, Electronic supply stores, hardware stores, Walmarts, Sears etc…
You can also buy small LED  white flash lights everywhere. It is much easier to use them already manufactured in a flashlight container and is more attractive for your home. They are also being widely used as yard landscaping lights because they are so bright and high efficient.
Start getting free energy from the earth in less than one hour!  You can now use less earth space and get 10 times more power! Using our New Nano Flux EECC Technology!  It may also be possible to collect some high voltage RF spikes from far distant lightning strikes as well! most people do not know that when lighting strikes the earth or even another cloud way up in the sky,  a large amount of electrical RF energy is released and can be collect as far away as 1 to 2 miles. Of course it is to dangerous to try and collect a direct lightning strike. It is best to always use a 8 foot ground wire to guide the energy pulse away from your project.
There is a large amount of unlimited power down in the earth just waiting to be used by anyone who needs it.  This is also great as a science fair project as well as an emergancy backup lighting system for your home, garage or basement.
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