The Fuelless Engine Model 1 Plans

This was the first free energy motor / generator we built back around 1997. It is a great start for anyone wanting to follow in our footsteps. Very powerful and works very well. Also see our model 2, totally different in design, easier to make and more powerful and compact than our model 1. But, our model 1 has also been known to create some very bizarre behavior, in that you can make ball lighting, blackout TV sets, computer screens and much more!

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The Fuel less Engine

Fuelless engine model 1 lighting up a home
These type of motors have been seen and demonstrated on the Johnny Carson TV Show as well
as many news and radio shows all across the country in the early 1970’s and 1980’s

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This is one of our very first prototypes we built in about 1997. It works very well and would be a great project for anyone wanting to follow in our footsteps. These plans are easy to follow and will give you the confidence you need to successfully build this motor for what ever application you may need it for. We have spent over 14 years researching and developing this device. It has been fully tested and proven to work by us as well many of our satisfied customers! If you have seen our special Youtube video and you are interested in making our devices, then you will need both our Fuelless Engine plans and our SP500 AC – DC Generator plans.

The engine runs very smooth and quiet, and the best part is, it does not pollute the air! The rpm’s are adjustable or can be built to run at one speed. This engine does not run on any type of gasoline, oil or any other combustible fuel. The free electrical energy produced by the motor is replaced back into the motor and reused by the motor. Our plans are simple to follow, and provide a complete parts list, as well as several supplier contacts. Supplies are shipped right to your front door.

A tremendous amount of time and effort went into making these plans as well as the device itself! We knew we had a machine that will change the entire world. But how to get it into the hands of the people would prove to be a great challenge. We knew from past experience, that the world leaders would not allow free energy devices like ours to be manufactured any where in the world! So we decided to sell step by step plans, and allow people such as yourself to build these devices in the privacy of their own homes. The catch is, you must agree not to manufacture, sell, or give them away in any shape or form. They are for your own personnel use only! The more people we get building these free energy devices for their own use, the closer we get to a free energy world!

Plans include color digital photos as well as many drawings and illustrations. Packed full of step by step information! Our video is a demo video and is a great addition to these plans. Our Fuelless Engine video demonstrates our low horsepower motor as well as our high horsepower motor, and can be purchased on CD, DVD format. Plans or videos can be downloaded or sent to you by air mail, or both.

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