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Plans and videos are downloadable or can be sent by mail on CD. We no longer sell plans on paper.  Customers can purchase the download and print the plans themselves or can purchase the plans on computer CD and print the plans from the CD, or if you do not have a home computer you could take the CD to your local library and ask them to help you print them out on paper.  Another option is to take the computer CD to a local print shop or copy shop and have them print the plans out for you from off the CD. We stopped printing the plans on paper over 17 years ago.

We do not give refunds on plans, videos or kits. Some of our older catalogs are still out there which offer a choice to ship plans on paper by air mail, please disregard that offer. We are trying our best to quickly re-write our catalogs and website pages and remove the “Plan on paper offer or select option”

If you have any problems and need basic technical support we would love to try and help you. you can e-mail us for technical support. Though sometimes we are very busy and can not reply to all our emails, please do not give up trying to contact us.  Many of the answers are in the plans and some folks do not take the time to study and read all the plans and directions all the way through.

Shipping Policy:

What we ship:  Downloads links by e-mail, CD / DVD by air mail.

If you purchased the downloadable plans only – digital downloadable goods. Delivery by e-mail is in 2 working days or less.
We will send you the download links to the plans or videos that you have purchased to your e-mail address that you have given us.

If you purchased plans and or videos on CD or DVD we will send you the plans on CD by United States Postal Service Air Mail. Delivery in 7 working days or less.

Where we can ship to:
We can ship your plans and videos on CD or DVD to any location / country in the world. If not restricted by US Government USPS or Fed ex or UPS.

How we ship out your order:
Orders for plans on CD/DVD are Shipped by air mail, priority mail or global mail.  Downloadable plans are sent to your e-mail using a download link.
Plans are in Adobe reader .PDF format and can be viewed on your computer.  Videos are in Windows media Format.

Shipping Rates:
Shipping and cost of CD = $19.95 ( Plans and or videos on CD/DVD).  Download orders, sent to you by e-mail download links. sent to your e-mail that you provide
at the time of purchase. Plans and or videos sent by e-mail downloading is a free delivery charge.

How to Track an order that’s been shipped.
Any order over $100.00 can be tracked by USPS Priority Tracking. Unless other wise noted or other arrangement’s made by seller and or buyer. If you need to
track your order and need the tracking numbers ( if tracking numbers were not provided at time of checkout ), please contact us to request the tracking numbers:
E-mail: Support@FuellessPower.com    or  Phone: 1-812-945-5839


In-Store pick up?
Sorry we do not have this option. We do not have a store front open to the public.  We operate from our office’s, lab and machine shop area’s – which some area’s
are deemed classified – and closed to the open public for security reasons – to protect the secrecy of new inventions we are or maybe working on at the time.

Recycling of packing materials?
Yes, we do recycle any and all packing material by reusing them. We rarely through anything away if we do not have to.


Return Policy:
Last Updated: Feb 16 2016 10:47 am

What can be returned?
Any computer CD that was sent to you by air mail and was damaged.

NOTICE:  We do not give refunds on plans or videos that were sent by download
to your e-mail address that you provided.

When do items need to be returned?
We do not give refunds on downloadable goods such as plans or videos or CD/dvd’s- unless approved by our customer service dept
or sales dept. Time limit on returns = 30 days

Where do items need to be returned?

If your refund and return was approved and agreed by our sales dept or customer service dept.
Or if your CD/DVD was damaged during shipping –
Please send CD / DVD or your broken CD/DVD to:

Creative Science & Research
PO BOX 557
New Albany, IN. 47151-0557

How customers can return items:
Send by air mail or priority mail with tracking.

Shipping for returns?
Shipping cost that have been paid is non-refundable, unless a mistake has been made in
our shipping dept.

Credit for returns?
If an CD was returned and prior permission.