NEW! Update Jan 2023
Now available Model 3- assembled or as a basic kit! Models 5kw, 10kw and 15KW
Potential energy x 240VAC x 50-60hz pure sign wave.

Can also run at 220VAC or 120VAC.  Generator can produce AC or DC!

We only sell  to backyard researchers wanting to duplicate the same experiment and test that we did on our Youtube video
where we stopped the house meter. We did it and you can to!

SP500 Generator Model 3



Our NEW! Generator / Motor Combo Design!
Also known as the ” The Fuelless Engine / SP500 AC Generator Model 3 “

* A powerful upgrade to our model 2 design.
* New plug in play design!
* Easy to use!  The motor end is now Brushless!
* The generator end has two output receptacles – 120VAC and 240VAC Outputs!

Generator transfer switch setup – Can be used direct or with 12VDC battery with inverter(s).


Sp500 Generator Model 2 version 2_80
Sp500 Generator Model 2 version 2_80

For more information contact: Rick Gibson at: 1-812-945-5839
or by e-mail at: Update Jan 2018 Our Kits are now rated at 5kw up to 15kw potential energy x 240VAC. Can also run at 220VAC or 120VAC.  Generator can produce AC or DC!  The average home does not use 5kw to 10kw every second of the day, so that leaves us with a potential energy of 5kw for our basic Gold kit and 10kw for our double wattage gold kits to charge a 12 volt DC battery bank with a 5kw or two 5kw inverter’s to power a home. NOTICE: For political reasons we only sell out kits to backyard researchers.. But you the buyer can do anything they like with the kit- just as long as it is for your own personal home use – You can not manufacture or sell them without our written permission.

Payment on kits can be made by personal check if you live here in the USA or by bank wire transfer. Or if you live outside of the USA,  payment can be made by Bank Wire Money Transfer!

Again: Kits are sold to backyard researchers only as research kits. To duplicate the same experiment that we did in our Youtube video where we stopped the house meter dead in it’s tracks! Proving that our M2 motor is indeed a free energy motor and can run itself. It can also be used as an AC generator at the same time the motor is running or separately. Contact us if you are interested.  Direct connection of our SP500 AC Generator to a breaker box – main grid system is about 2,500 watts, but would have to be run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Much better to use our Generator head as a battery charger for a 5kw or 10kw inverter system.

As a generator head and used as a generator it is rated at about 5kw watts x 240 VAC potential energy, as a battery charging system. And connected to a 5kw inverter to provide power for a home. If used as a direct AC generator direct from the (8) Air coils or generator coils, it is then rated at about 2,200 watts to 2,800 x 240VAC. There are hundreds of ways of using this technology as a motor / generator, or as a generator head by itself, or as a motor using the shaft torque to power and turn other things such as pumps, generator heads, fans and much more!…  After you purchase one of our kits you will be asked to sign a non disclosure agreement. This is to protect our invention and technology from being manufactured and sold without our written permission. Our Fuelless Engine / SP500 Generator technology is Patent Pending. Please read this entire page from top to bottom. No returns or refunds on kits, parts, plans or videos. 


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Please notice: We do have customers that are producing electricity for home use, but, for legal and political reasons – we do not sell these kits as a source of energy to generate electricity for a home, that is up to you the backyard researcher what you want to try and accomplish with our invention. Again we do have customers that have purchased the kits just for that reason. Our motor can be used as a powerful AC or DC generator! Please notice that you must build and use at your own risk. You can not manufacture or sell our kits or plans – Our kits and plans are for your own personal research and testing purposes only.  Basic technical support is free for the first 3 months. We do not give refunds on plans or kits – But don’t worry, you should not have the need to for a refund since we are here to help you with technical support.


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