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Learn how to build powerful 
 Homemade Solar Cells using a simple screen printing method!


ONCE YOU LEARN THE ART OF SOLAR CELL SCREEN PRINTING, as well as the hot copper flashing technique, you can be making as many solar cells as you like and save yourself thousands of dollars! You can then cover your entire roof with solar cells and collect all the free energy you want, by simply using free power from the sun!

SOLAR CELL TECHNOLOGY is free energy, but, it does have it's downfalls.
Problem 1
. You can only collect free electrical energy in the daylight hours.
Problem 2. Solar cells do not last as long as a free energy electric motor and generator ( for example our Fuelless Engine and SP500 Generator ). These devices can last a lifetime! And run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Since you can screen print these cells, size is no limit! Imagine a 24" homemade cell that could be powerful enough to run a 12 volt dc x 3 amp motor using only one cell! Solar cell screen printing has been around for about 15 years or so, and there are many manufactures already doing it as I speak. There are many different types of chemical printing inks to use and many different screen printing techniques to apply it with. But the best I have seen so far was invented by Japan, they have a very simple technique of vibrating the ink after it is printed to get the air bubbles out of the wet ink before it dries. This causes the efficiency of the solar cells to sky rocket!

Ink vibrators
are very simple to build, by using ( 2 ) 18" x 18" x 3/4" plywood, few push springs from your local hardware store, and a small dc or ac motor with an off balance on the shaft which you can buy or make yourself. Japan now has a US Patent on this simple technique. The patent claims that they can be just as powerful as our American made silicon solar cells! These cells can be made fast and easy by screen printing them directly onto glass, plastic or metals. Screen printing is very simple to do and can be done right in your own home garage or basement area.

You may have already taken screen printing in your art class in high school. Screen printing is fun and is very easy to do! You do not need expensive equipment to screen print solar cells. If you do not know how to screen print see our screen printing plans and instructional video. Our plans show 2 other methods of making solar cells at home. These methods are easier to do and require a few simple tools, but they are not as powerful as the screen printed cells. Our plans also include a supply list of screen printing chemicals and an on line company you can purchase them from.

In conclusion: Solar cell technology is awesome and it is free energy, but our SP500 AC or DC Generator as well as our Fuelless Engine devices would be much better to build!




Copyright 1992 - 2016


order # 401

Plans can be sent to you by e-mail downloading link
or by US postal air mail on computer CD.


Homemade Solar Cell Plans
............Only $16.95
                      Instant Download
  To purchase by mail & by download >   



Learn How to Screen Print
Print Your Own Solar Cells - Start Your Own Business  - It's Easy!

Start your own Screen Printing Business at home!
Screen print T-Shirts, Caps, Jackets, Signs, Bumper Stickers, etc.

Be your own BOSS!
   Make up to $70,000 per year



You do not need expensive equipment to do this!
Save money by building your own homemade wood frame and screen as a simple table top printer! Get started as low as $70. Included is where to buy T-Shirts, Caps, Screen Printing Supplies etc. Purchase blank T-shirts at wholesale price. Then print a popular design on them, and sell them for top dollar.

Learning how to screen print is also great for printing solar cells! You can screen print as many solar cells as you want for you and your friends. The information in these plans can teach anyone to screen print in the privacy of their own backyard. Once you learn the basics of screen printing, you will quickly find that screen printing is a very easy to learn process. You may even want to start your own screen printing and sign business. You can then print t-shirts, caps, jackets, decals, and signs of all types for local business and schools in your area. Our screen printing video ( see below ) will show you how to prepare the screen and design for printing, and will demonstrate how to screen print on T-shirts. The video also gives you a good look at our 5 color T-shirt printing machine that you can build in your garage. Plans for the 5 color T-shirt printer is order # JCM-1 for only $19.95 click here  All of these plans are also included in our CD package 1 All 33 plans and 4 videos as seen on this entire website for only $300.00 click here.






order # 402P

plans can be sent to you by e-mail downloading link
or by US postal air mail on computer CD.


Screen Printing Plans .................Only $9.95
Download >   
To purchase by mail & by download >   





Learn how to screen print t-shirts and caps!

This video is packed full of information and shows you how to get started in screen printing. Shows an actual 5-color T-shirt printing press being used ( Our JC-M1 ) to print T-shirts and caps. Learn how to make and prepare a screen. Screen printing supplies can be purchased on the internet
( www.Google com - Keywords " Screen printing supplies " ).

You can also find a list of companies in our # 402 Screen printing plans. Where to buy T-shirts, Jackets and Caps at wholesale price. Some companies sell small screen printing kit's for only $28.

Screen Printing Video ( Available on Computer CD or Download ) ...............only $19.95   #402V
Download >  

                                               To purchase by mail & by download >      


    Build A  5 Color T-Shirt Printing Press!


         Start your own business, Be your own BOSS!
      and you could make up to $100,000 per year or more!


Plans are well illustrated and professionally done.

These plans are a must if you are really serious about screen printing. You can even print solar cells with this machine, making it a little faster and easier to produce ( but, it is not necessary ). The screen printing booklet above shows you how to build a cheap 1 color homemade table top printer for solar cell printing. But, this screen printing machine is for those who want to do a little more and make some money while doing it!

With these plans we will show you how to build a 5 color homemade screen printing machine. It's so easy a 16 year old could build it. This is a unique space age design and is easy and fun to build. If you are buying the screen printing video, then you will see this amazing printing machine in action! It is included on the video.  Cost to construct is only about $250 in materials. You could also set up a part time business building and selling these machines for a suggested retail price of $2,500. If interested in manufacturing this printing machine please contact David Waggoner by e-mail or Rick Gibson by phone at: 1-812-945-5839.

You can print just about anything you want on these printers. No special parts needed. This printer is made of steel, springs, 2 roller bearings, a Lazy Suzan turn table, rocker arms and a wood base. You can get most of your parts from your local hardware store. This screen printing press is for professional and home screen printing use. Anyone can learn how to build it and use this machine, even you!  It is a professional printer for screen printing on T-shirts, Signs, Caps, Jackets and more. 

Start your own business today and be your own boss!



Order # JC-M1
These plans teach you how to build this awesome
five color T-shirt screen printing press!

Plans can be sent to you by e-mail downloading link
or by US postal air mail on computer CD.

Screen Printing Press Plans .........Only $19.95
                     Instant Download >
  To purchase by mail & by download >





 Now Available!  All 34 plans and 7 videos as seen on this website!
Also includes the SP500 Generator plans for FREE! You save over $351.00

Click here for a complete list of what you will receive.


       CD 1 BASIC Package  ( Excluding M2 plans )..................................Only $300.00  USD
This basic package includes only 33 plans and 4 videos
                                                                              Instant Download! >


        CD 1 GOLD Package ( Includes Our New! Fuelless Engine M2 )..............Only $475.00   USD 
This package includes everything seen on our website! All 34 plans and 7 videos

Instant Download & By Mail On CD!
                                                                                                                                    Or Call: 1-812-945-5839
                                                                                                                 Office hours: 9 am - 5 pm New York Time

                                       Price information outside the USA >


NOTICE! If you have already purchased plans from us before, then you can deduct
the amount you paid from the cost of the CD Package 1, by request only.





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