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Build your own High Voltage Tesla Coil


High Voltage Tesla Coil Plans!

These plans a very special, More than just a science fair project. Produce earth shaking bolts of energy! There is much more to learn from a Tesla coil than meets the eye. The plans take you step by step and are very well illustrated. Great for many high voltage experiments such as, anti-gravity, free energy generators, earth energies, plasma cutters and wireless energy!




Copyright 1992 - 2016


order # 372

Plans can be sent to you by e-mail downloading link
or by US postal air mail on computer CD.


 High Voltage Tesla Coil Plans ............Only $9.95

                         Instant Download
To purchase by download and by mail on CD: 


The Tesla Turbine





    I have personally talked with a customer that did a few simple modifications to this design, and has built a small 300 hp motor which is no bigger than a man’s hat. He said his engine can fit into the palm of his hand and can produce about 300 hp x 2,000 rpm's.  As I was talking with him I could hear the fear in his voice, He basically told me he did not know what to do with it?  He was an older gentleman and was scared that someone was going to come and take his motor or hurt him or his family!  That was many years ago, and at that time I did not really care that much about the Tesla Turbine technology because I was doing my own research on the Fuelless Engine motor. So I let the guy go ( that is something I regret to this day ) and did not save his name or number.  No doubt it would have saved me a few hours of research time!  From what the man told me, it is very simple to modify and is simple in design!  Today other Tesla Turbine researchers are only getting about 40% to 50% efficiency. So if what this guy said is true, he has gone well over the 100% efficiency mark, and into the realm of free energy! I have also talked to another researcher on the phone about 7 years ago and he said his Tesla Turbine is running at about 96% efficiency!

       Thank you
 " David Waggoner "

    Owner / Inventor

Tesla Turbine Plans / US Patent ................Only $11.95  Order # 393

Purchase Download
To purchase by download and by mail on CD: 






For 120V AC or 12V DC Applications
Low rpm design 0 - 120V AC x 6kw to 8kw x 60 Hz. Can also be built to output DC
to charge a battery bank for home inverter use!  Output choices include: 220 - 240V AC or DC
This generator can also be made to output extreme higher voltages! Up to 3,000V AC

Specially designed coil for SP500 AC or DC Generator   ( Nano Flux Technology )

Copyright 1992 - 2016 Creative Science & Research

Designed to be used with our Fuelless Engine! The SP500 can also be used with other
free energy or high efficiency motors or windmill devices. Also great as a hand crank generator!
Very easy to build!

Detailed AC - DC Generator Plans! 

This is a new type of AC or DC generator designed by David Waggoner. 

New Technology for the 21st century, and designed as an easy homemade device that anyone can build!  A breakthrough in AC - DC generator design! Great for Home use as well as industrial use!  It was designed to operate with our Fuelless Engine, Windmill, and  Fuelless Gravity Engine devices but can be operated by other means as well. Rated at about 6kw to 8kw x 120V AC. Can also be built to run at 14.5V DC, to charge a battery bank for home inverter use.

Very high efficient! Unlike any other generator seen today! Can easily be designed to operate at much higher voltages other than 120V AC.  Great for many high voltage projects. The plans are 137 pages long and are packed with color photo's, drawings and instructions that are easy to follow.

Included in these plans are the horse power / generator formulas. Learn how much horsepower it will take, to achieve a certain wattage or voltage output. Plans also include a rpm formula guide. This will show you how many rpm's it will take to get a 120V AC  x  60 Hz or 50 Hz, and how many coils and magnets will be needed for certain rpm's to stay at the standard 60 Hz or 50 Hz cycles for common household current. Covers rpm's from 500 to 3600 rpm's.

For those needing 220V AC or 240V AC that live outside the USA, our SP500 can be designed to run at these voltages as well. We know of no other research group that has a generator like this!  We have made it easy for you to build at home. You do not have to be an electrical engineer to build this.

" I discovered this special type of generator when I was working on a new prototype for a free energy electrical motor. I placed my array of coils next to moving N38 Neodymium magnets and what I saw on my volt meter just blew me away! I could not believe what I was seeing. The electrical output was like nothing I had ever seen before! Very high efficient! I don't think there is any other generator in the world like our SP500 Generator? And it's not that hard to build!

I personally guarantee The SP500 to work or your money back! "

David Waggoner

Owner / Inventor




Copyright 1992 - 2016


Order # SP500

137 pages long Low rpm  0 to 120 V AC or DC.

Includes Color photos, as well as drawings and illustrations.
Color plans are available for downloading and CD only, RPM
and HP formula's as well as pole formulas are included. The
SP500 plans are also included in our CD 1 package deal.


Step by step plans.................only $70.00

                      Instant Download >  
To purchase by download, air mail or both: 





 Now Available!  All 34 plans and 7 videos as seen on this website!
Also includes the SP500 Generator plans for FREE! You save over $351.00

Click here for a complete list of what you will receive.


       CD 1 BASIC Package  ( Excluding M2 plans )..................................Only $300.00  USD
This basic package includes only 33 plans and 4 videos
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        CD 1 GOLD Package ( Includes Our New! Fuelless Engine M2 )..............Only $475.00   USD 
This package includes everything seen on our website! All 34 plans and 7 videos

Instant Download & By Mail On CD!
                                                                                                                                    Or Call: 1-812-945-5839
                                                                                                                 Office hours: 9 am - 5 pm New York Time

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NOTICE! If you have already purchased plans from us before, then you can deduct
the amount you paid from the cost of the CD Package 1, by request only.





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