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Nikola Tesla


Learn how to make your own light bulbs!


Thomas Edison
Copyright 2016 Creative Science & Research


LED bulbs can cost up to $49 each, but we can
 teach you how to make them for yourself!
Save hundreds of dollars!

Copyright 2016




             LED light bulbs can last up to 60 years, and not burn out!
                                  Light up your entire home with these LED bulbs!
                                                Rated at: 120V  x  3.5 watts each.

                           Save hundreds of dollars on your electric bill!

                                Photo of a LED light bulb. This bulb is included in these plans.

                                                     FROM A MASON JAR!

 Photos of David Waggoner's homemade mason jar light bulb 60 watts. Step by step plans!

Incandescent Light Bulbs That Can Last Forever?

In 1892 Thomas Edison used a thin sliver of bamboo to make filaments for his first light bulb. Find out in these plans what type of bamboo he used. William Joseph Jenks explained that the Edison bulb was not derived from the current and sparks that jumped across scores of carbon rods in a series of arcs and lights. But that Edison's lights exploit the fact of the perfect filament operating in a totally oxygen free environment that can last forever!

Did you also know that if you ran a light bulb on DC current it will last much longer and will be more efficient than running them on AC. Most people do not know that. By simply connecting a 200V diode or diodes in the light circuit will cause the bulb to run on DC. Convert all the lamps in your entire home. Incandescent bulbs are great and you can make them to last for years, but there is a draw back. They take way to much energy to operate and cost home owners hundreds of dollars every year. They are nice to have in your home as secondary lighting, but I would use LED light bulbs as my first choice! Some people like the Edison bulb because of its superior lighting output. And since the government has put a ban on manufacturing them, people are rushing to the stores to stock up on as many as they can buy.
Can be much cheaper to build them yourself
. See our step by step plans.

LED bulbs will last for many years, and take very little energy to run.

We will also teach you how to make your own LED light bulbs. They are great for lighting up your entire home at an extremely low operating cost. They are also great for emergency black outs. Build our Fuelless Engine motor and our SP500 Generator to avoid any neighborhood blackouts. Make your own electricity!

By using super bright white LED's you can have emergency lighting that will not burn out for about 50 to 60 years. Super bright white LED's are the lighting of the future. You can run these bulbs on 120V AC converted to DC, or light up your home  using a 12V DC battery bank to run the LED bulbs! It is possible to keep your lights up and running for months without using 120V AC to power them.





  order # 386

Plans can be sent to you by E-mail downloading link
or by US postal air mail on computer CD. These plans
are also included for free in our CD package 1 deal.

  Light Bulb Plans ( 65 pages )...................Only $9.95
                   To Purchase Download >

To purchase by download and by mail on CD: 



     Burnt Out Fluorescent Light Bulbs
   Learn To Relight Them

   Copyright 2016 Creative Science & Research

Burnt Out Fluorescent Light Bulbs! Don’t throw them out! You can reuse them. We have invented a way to relight them. You will never need to throw away another florescent light bulb again. This technique was invented by David Waggoner's brother who is also an awesome inventor as well.


Florescent Light Bulb Plans...................................only $9.95    #377 
Instant Download
           To purchase by download and by mail on CD: 




Free Electricity from the Phone Company.     
Get 50V DC, 120V DC or 220Vv DC  from your phone line. Enough power to light a 100 watt light bulb. We have developed
a way you can use this energy to recharge 12 volt car batteries when used with a 115 v ac inverter system.  Great for home
emergency lighting! We have actually powered a 100 watt light bulb as well as a neon and florescent bulb. See our very
special designs. Only our special circuit design will give you these results! And as far as we know it is all legal! as long as
you use a diode to keep the back emf  from going back into the phone line, no one will complain or know it. Very easy to
construct!  If you have two phone lines, you can double your power output as well as amperage.

Free Electricity from the Phone Company Plans
......................only $9.95   #359

Instant Download
                                         To purchase by download and by mail on CD: 




Now you can be your own boss! Own your own business, very low cost to start! See details below....


      New Roof Cleaning Discovery!     

 No, it's not free energy,,, but you can make over $450 per day cleaning roof tops "


There is a chemical that can remove roof rust from home owners roof tops.  No need to replace the old roof on homes unless it's leaking. David has discovered a new way that is cheap and simple to clean the black oxy rust from home owners roof tops and make them look like new in just one day!  It's safe to use and can last up to 10 years. This chemical can be purchased at your local grocery store.

For an average size home it would take about 10 gallons. Simply spray on your entire roof and spray off using a water hose.

The roof will look like new again and the home owner will be glade because you just saved him over $4000 for a new roof! 

Question: So why sell the information, why don't start your own roof cleaning business yourself?

Answer: David is a scientist, he likes to research and invent things, he has no desire to go into the roof cleaning business.
We made these plans to help people who are having a hard time getting by from week to week. Great as a part time business or as a full time business.


New Roof Cleaning Discovery ( Info ).....................only  $20.95   #1055
                                                              Instant Download >

                               To purchase by download and by mail on CD:     




 Now Available!  All 34 plans and 7 videos as seen on this website!
Also includes the SP500 Generator plans for FREE! You save over $351.00

Click here for a complete list of what you will receive.


       CD 1 BASIC Package  ( Excluding M2 plans )..................................Only $300.00  USD
This basic package includes only 33 plans and 4 videos
                                                                              Instant Download! >


        CD 1 GOLD Package ( Includes Our New! Fuelless Engine M2 )..............Only $475.00   USD 
This package includes everything seen on our website! All 34 plans and 7 videos

Instant Download & By Mail On CD!

                                                                                                                                    Or Call: 1-812-945-5839
                                                                                                                 Office hours: 9 am - 5 pm New York Time

                                       Price information outside the USA >



NOTICE! If you have already purchased plans from us before, then you can deduct
the amount you paid from the cost of the CD Package 1, by request only.





          We accept personnel checks (USA only ) - Postal Money Orders or bank checks in US Dollars!
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362-RCM2   Fuelless Engine Model 2 plans  $175.00 

                       Instant Download!

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