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David Waggoner

Research and Design
Since 1992



Rick Gibson
Sales Department
Office hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

USA - New York time

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Creative Science & Research
Is Located In
New Albany, Indiana USA

Model # 1
Free Energy Motor

This is our older design we have had for about
17 years. It is an awesome motor, but our new
 model # 2 as seen on the right is totally different
in design, is easier to make and more powerful
and compact than this one.



Fuelless Engine Model # 2
/ SP500 AC Generator!

Fuelless Engine Model # 2 

You can stop an electric house
meter dead in it's tracks!

A true free energy motor and generator all in one!




  Is it true you once sold The Fuelless Engine as well as The Fuelless Heater ?

Answer:  Yes at one time we did, in the early 1990's and again in 2012 to 2014, but we have to be careful what we say. We are selling information that has been suppressed for many years and is still being suppressed to this day!  There are some people who do not want free energy devices to be manufactured or sold on the open market! No one at that time could sell a plug and play system of that type. They personally came to our front door and gave us a warning!

  Thank you

" David Waggoner "

Owner / Technical Support



This is not hard to do at all. Very easy - just follow instructions.

1.  Use our generator to charge 12 volt batteries, connected to
a 5,000 watt x 120 V AC inverter - to run your home.

2. Use our generator directly to your home breaker box via a
transfer switch. rated at 120V AC x about 3,000 watts to
run your home. Generator can be scaled up to run at any
wattage output.

This is how Rick Gibson set up his own home generator power system.

You have many choices to power your home. You  can  use the free energy motor
as an AC generator and go direct to your home. But the generator would have to
run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Or you can try  what  our  sales manager has
done in the above picture. You can use a 5kw inverter ( middle left side ) connected
to 12V DC  deep cycle  batteries ( seen under the work table ).  The  batteries  are
connected  in  parallel  giving  it  more  amp  hours  of  energy.  The  5kw  inverter
( inverter store )  is  then  connected  to  the  transfer  switch  ( see top left ).  The
transfer  switch  is  then  connected  to  the homes breaker panel electric box. You
can  purchase  a  manual  transfer  switch  box  from  online  at or
anywhere  they  sell  AC  generators parts and supplies. The Transfer switch comes
with easy to follow instructions and color coded wires, making it very easy to install.

Click here for more photos of Ricks M2 setup.

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Did you know you can make our model 1 motor using
simple plywood housing? It's ugly, but it works!

Very easy to build!

Example of a small hp Fuelless Engine Motor,
Box type, made with 3/4 plywood. Easy to construct.

The motor housing can also be made with 1/4" thick aluminum disks or a 14" x 14" x 3/4" thick plywood ( box ). Max operating speed: 2000 to 3000 rpm's. This is a homemade Free Energy electric motor! Uses a 1" diameter shaft, connected to permanent magnets!  A complete supply
 list is provided in the plans. We give you the information of where to purchase and buy most of these parts and supplies. Much of the supplies can be purchased locally at any hardware store
or lumber yard!

Alternative Energy / Free Energy Technology

Nikola Tesla       
Our new Fuelless Engine Model # 2 motor and generator technology is based some of the
discoveries and research from Nikola Tesla.






Special Discount Package Deal! 
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 Now Available!  All 34 Plans and 7 Videos as seen on this website!
Also includes the SP500 Generator plans FREE! You save over $351.60

NOTICE! If you have already purchased plans from us before, then you can deduct
the amount you paid from the cost of the CD Package 1.


Or buy our Gold Package 1 - Includes our New! Fuelless Engine Model # 2 Plans and 3 videos.

      CD 1 GOLD Package 1 ( All 34 plans and 7 videos ).................$475.00 
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Basic Package - Does not include our New Fuelless Engine Plans Model # 2           

        CD 1 BASIC Package Deal  All 33 plans and 4 videos ........Only

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Fuelless Engine Model 2

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