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      More Fuelless Heater Photo's

One of our very first prototypes built in 1997

Copyright 1992 - 2016 Creative Science & Research part # 1

Our small space heater model # 1.  Very easy to build!
Size: About 7" Diameter x 11" tall larger units can be made to heat your entire home!

One of our customers is claiming that his heater reached up to 277 degrees!
The longer you seem to run these things the hotter they get.

See our step by step plans!

Question:  Is it true you use to sell Heater Kits as well as Fuelless Engine Kits?

Answer: Yes we did at one time in the early 1990's, but we must be very careful what we say,  we are selling information that has been suppressed for many years and is still being suppressed! There are people who do not want free energy devices or super high efficiency devices to be manufactured or sold on the open market. We sold hundreds of these small prototype kits but had to stop! We are now only able to sell the plans and videos. Customers can learn how to build our devices and use them for there own use without any problems. ( just as long as they keep it to themselves)
" David Waggoner "

Heater put to the extreme test!
We had a customer call in to say that he built and tested one of our been can heaters
and was very happy with it! He also added that he wanted to test the unit to see how hot it could
really get if taken to the extremes. He said he pushed it past the operating temperatures of our plans and it became so hot that the outside of the metal can began to glow red hot!  Of course we do not recommend anyone that you run it that hot. The design in our plans are operated at very safe temperatures, and are great for home use.  I am sure this guy was a professional researcher and new what he was doing.



More photos can be found here!

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