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Fuelless Power. Alternative Energy Devices

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  Alternative Energy Research & Technology Since 1992

Seventeen years ago, Creative Science & Research began researching and developing the Fuelless Engine; SP500 Generator; and the Fuelless Heater. In 1996 Fuellesspower.com was born.  We continue to further our research and resources to advance, innovate, and design new alternative energy devices.

It is our mission to make this research accessible to you at any skill level. Further, to support sustainable living; and to continue to research and educate the public, because an invest in knowledge is an investments in our future.


“There is a far greater way to live; without damage or disregard to ourselves, and all that surrounds us. There’s no better time to start than now!” – David Waggoner


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Below is a demonstration of our Fuelless Engine M2 update running an electric house meter backwards. Click Here to check out our new Model #2


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